Facts About Angels

Since times immemorial the concept of angels has fascinated mankind. Angels appear in the religious, mythological and other literature across all cultures. Angels are invariably depicted with wings. Many people pray to angels. Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) conducted spiritual research on various aspects of angels with the help of extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense. Through our findings using spiritual research methodology, this article demystifies the topic of angels and offers fresh insight into angels.

What are angels?

Angels have existed since the beginning of Creation. Angels are beings from the lower part of the subtle region of Heaven. The primary purpose of angels is to act as messengers for lower level deities in the lower subtle region of Heaven. Deities speak in the language of light whereas we humans speak in the language of sound. Angels therefore act as step-down transformers carrying messages from lower level deities to deserving beings in a language they can understand. This is primarily through the medium of putting thoughts in their minds. By deserving beings, we mean humans on Earth and subtle bodies in the Nether region who have some background of spiritual practice or merits. The messages are generally about how to address a particular worldly issue. About 5% of times angels themselves also give worldly advice.

Various types of angels

There are 30 varieties of angels. The names of most popular angels in the order of spiritual hierarchy are: Archangels Principalities, Seraphim, Powers, Dominions, Cherubim.

To view the pictures of various angels drawn with the help of activated ESP click on the link at the end of the article.

The reason for the variety of angels is that each one operates at different frequencies. This allows angels to relay messages to the multitude of human personalities who best match the frequencies of angels.

Spiritual level of angels

The spiritual level of angels is between 29 – 34%. The minimum spiritual level for humans to make it to Heaven after death is 60%. Despite the comparatively low spiritual level of angels, angels reside in lower subtle region of Heaven. Just as on Earth along with humans we have other animal species and plant kingdom of lower spiritual level, so also in Heaven along with subtle bodies of humans with higher spiritual level and lower level deities, we have angels.

Only 30% of angels have wings

Angels have traditionally been depicted having wings. However spiritual research conducted by SSRF has revealed that only 30% of angels have wings. 70% of angels do not have wings. The 30% of angels that have wings are of the lowest order of angels. Angels communicate with human beings regarding fulfillment of very low worldly desires. The higher angels do not have wings.

Do we have a guardian angel?

Some ancestors who have deep affinity for the family communicate to help their family members regarding worldly matters. These departed ancestors may be mistaken for the guardian angels. Guardian angels as such do not exist.

Can we see angels?

As angels are subtle beings they are not visible to the ordinary human eye. Angels can be seen only with the help of advanced and activated extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense. The mechanism of communication of angles with us humans is through putting thoughts in our mind.


  • Angels are lowest in the positive subtle hierarchy in the Universe
  • Invariably ghosts (demon, devils, spirits) take advantage of mankind’s fascination for angels. They take the form of angels and misguide psychics who in turn unintentionally misguide society
  • The only function of angels is to deliver messages for lower level deities in the subtle region of heaven to deserving humans on earth and subtle bodies in the nether region.

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