Angel Guide and Healing Meditation

It is said that an angel guide is assigned to every human born. Throughout history people have told their tales of encounters with angels. However, a lot of people find this hard to swallow, especially if they don’t have any faith or spiritual self-understanding. Today, many people use angels to guide them during healing meditations?

Yes, you heard it right.

A lot of people find when they bring angels into their meditation it is a very effective healing resource. Doreen Virtue has led the global charge to spread angel healing techniques. There are many websites and healing centers around the world doing angel healing work for you to look into if you are curious about this. There are also a plethora of books about angels and their mysterious work.

Do you believe in angels?

So the question you need to ask yourself is “Do you believe in angels?” If you do, they will help you have success in gaining peace of mind and even assist you heal your troubling health challenges.

It is widely believed the primary mission of angels is to love and protect people. Through this angel work, even troubled souls can be helped to get back on the right track. Many people believe that with the assistance of angels world peace is possible. What do you think?

If you’re faced with spiritual challenges, stress or pain, and you haven’t worked with angel guides, perhaps it’s time you consider exploring a healing meditation with your guide. Did you know angel guides can also be human angels who have a special gift which allows them to transform into a spiritual channel? These human angels become the vehicle for you to communicate directly with your angels. They are of great benefit to people (who believe) by helping them cope with their difficulties.

Angel guides are there to help

… it doesn’t matter what religion or race you are, you can call on them for assistance.

It has become common knowledge today that the benefits of meditation can help you manage your health problems. As people gain more self-understanding they become more aware of their body/mind connection. This could be the reason they have taken up the practice of meditation.

It is fabulous to know doctors now recommend meditation for stress induced depression and disease. Scientists have proven meditation is a measurable and useful resource for managing stress. There are many ways to meditate and it would be prudent for you to choose one that fits easily into your daily routine. This way you will definitely do the practice and reap the rewards.

Use your exquisite imagination

When you do an angel guide meditation you can use your imagination and unique form of creative visualization to create your own experience. You don’t need to follow anyone else’s instructions. You will experience a spiritual awakening that is yours alone. You don’t need to share it – but do treasure it.

Meditation has the potential to help you discover who you are – it has the power to awaken you to the joys of going within. It’s an amazing adventure – so don’t miss your opportunity to heal with the support of your angel guide.

Have you seen the show “Touched By An Angel”? It’s my favorite TV show of all time. I could watch it over and over. The stories featured in this show may be fiction, but that doesn’t mean there are not stories like this happening around the world every day.

You may have heard stories of people being healed by an angel. For some people, it is hard to believe miracles happen, but if you are desperate you will give anything a go.

Here’s my personal angel story.

“On 26 May 2000, I had surgery for thyroid cancer. Before I was taken down to the operating theatre a nurse came into my room. She was not wearing a uniform like anyone else. She looked South American. She had a beautiful smile and told me her name (which I promptly forgot). She asked if she could stay with me and watch my surgery. I said yes.

She came down to pre-op with me and into the operating theatre. when I woke up screaming “I want to go home!” over and over, she was sitting next to me trying to calm me down. She said, “You can’t go home till you have recovered. And that will be in a few days.” I shook my head back and forth saying, “No, not that home, I want to go HOME!”

I believe I was talking about my spiritual home – where I will go after death.

She did her best to soothe me and eventually when I was taken back to my room, she came with me. I had a book from my spiritual teacher with me and she read from it for hours. I found this very comforting.

It was a remarkable surgery – I didn’t need any pain relief as I had no pain. I was up walking around quicker than expected and my wound healed extremely well.

I didn’t see this nurse again after she left me that day.

Was she an angel of healing? I don’t know. I like to think so. She helped me a lot.”

Give it a go…

If you decide to move out of the conventional method of healing, I recommend you connect with your angel guide. What have you got to lose ~ nothing… but if you give it a go, you could have a remarkable recovery. It won’t hurt to try, but be sure to learn from a trusted expert.

How do you find an angel guide? You can ask your family and friends. Or you could buy a book about healing with an angel guide. Or you could buy my “Sacred Garden” meditation CD.

When you have faith in the Divine Being you can transform many obstacles in your life.

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